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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hooking up with some hardware

In preparations for the ride, we had been thinking about what equipment to bring....
starting off with the hardware like phones and cameras.

So we have settled on a Canon G9 digital camera, a Nokia N82 and a Nokia E90. Here are our thoughts on choosing this equipment....

Being lifelong canon fans, we felt the Canon G9 is the only camera which could do advanced photos, take movies, while retracting into a small package that fits smoothly inside a riding jacket pocket. As we only recently got the camera, no photos worthy of posting, so we'll write more about this another day.

Nokia N82 & E90 - simple combination, really. Both phones have GPS enabled maps, so we WON'T get lost. N82 is touted as a blogging phone with kick-ass 5MP digital camera focussing via a Carl-Zeiss lens. E90 is for those longer rest sessions where we feel like penning down random thoughts thru a qwerty keyboard.

Guess we'll be using quite a bit of this new kit in the coming months!

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