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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend Ride to Musang Kenyir Resort 8-11 Aug

This trip was planned at least 2 months ago, waiting for the good time & willing people to join us. It's also part of our training for Enduro Africa, for the long saddle time. Helps to train the butt!!
10 hours of riding by countryside roads along the eastern coast, & the weather couldn't be better. It's also our first trip with the Canon G9.

We met at GP Esso at 7am on Friday. First stop, Yong Peng for fishball noodle breakfast, followed by DURIANS! Quality was excellent. Smooth creamy & fleshy...

Riding past Kuantan & Kuala Trengganu, we met Mr Chong on the way at Gawi jetty at around 5pm & we followed his car to the bike parking area. Carefully parking our bikes & covering them, we left on the boat to the resort.

The wooden chalets were built in a row on stilts & facing the lake. Peaceful place, set in the jungle. Simple rooms with fan & attached bathroom. Because we were at an altitude, the air was cool, especially in the evenings.

Saturday morning, Tony & Catherine were out early in the lake trying to catch some breakfast.

Today's plan was to go to the waterfalls. It took us a hike of at least half hour in the jungle before we finally got to the falls.

Great view & cool waters welcomed us after the hot & sweaty hike. We climbed over to the large rocky platform...

Back to the resort for lunch... listening to Mr Chong tell stories!

Post lunch, some of us decided to take the boat out again for some fishing. Especially excited are Hubert & Tony... suspect that's their main purpose for this trip. According to web info, this area is supposed to be an angler's paradise.

Tony in soft sand.... which promptly swallowed his leg up to knee level. Undeterred, both of them continue crawling on all fours & still managed to cast their fishing lines!

Sunday - a day entirely spent on fishing. Woke up & were at the jetty by 7am to take the boat out before breakfast. Managed to catch a glimpse of a wild young elephant near the water. When it noticed us & our cameras & fingers pointing excitedly, it trumpeted (maybe angrily) and ran off into the trees to hide.

Not much luck with fishing, we came to an area of shallow waters, to have a dip. Water was clear & gently flowing as it was just a short distance from a waterfall. The shin deep water was just perfect for lazing & enjoying the company.

Having tired ourselves out, lunch was served. For all 3 days, Mr Chong was our personal chef, cooking up pro-standard dishes, which we promptly polished off in no time. Apparently he learnt his skills from friends in the food business.

Here we are, lounging around & chatting the afternoon away, contemplating to go out for another fishing trip or not. Then the sunny weather took a turn & the distant dark cloud moved over & we were in a middle of a torrential downpour!

Glad that we're not out in the lake. We stayed in, watching the raindrops on the water surface & felt so relaxed... The magpie which was around earlier stopped chirping .... but soon after came back again to chirp. Signalling that the rain is stopping soon, indeed it was just a passing shower!

Dinner that evening was a nice BBQ with lots of food. Great treat to end our stay, with lamb chops stealing the show.


Honey Bunnies said...

hi, can i have the contacts for mr chong? also, may i know what are the charges for 4d3n or 3d2n stay?

Rosalind Ng said...


Mr Chong's email is chongyc1996@yahoo.com.

You can check with him regarding the current rates.


Honey Bunnies said...

Thanks! I hope I will enjoy the place as much as you guys did! Cheers!