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Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Radio 91.3FM

7 August 2008.
Dark clouds loomed & it stormed as I made my way to the studio... reached there with soggy feet & clammy trousers.

We're going on air with The Married Men crew - Rod Monteiro, Andre Hoeden & Audrey Lim. First time on radio for the 2 of us, & so excited! Brought our Canon G9 to take pictures with the celebrities at work ;P

The DJs seemed to be having so much fun at work, I don't think it even feels like work! But according to them, there's lots of preparation before each show can be presented, so that's what we don't see or hear about. What's true is that there's a whole lot of amazing hi tech stuff in the studio that they're using.

We talked about Enduro Africa on air & shamelessly publicised this blog to the whole nation. So those of you who've actually come to this site because you heard us on air, THANK YOU!!

Here they are in between the interview, Andre & Audrey having a chat, while Rod is pressing the 101 buttons & switches to make sure the next song or jingle gets in correctly..... Cool yah!

Here's their website, with schedules listed in there : http://www.radio913.com/

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