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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The good folk at Moto-V

Have you ever wished to find the goodness in humans?

Well, it happened last night when we were invited to the Moto V gathering at Buddeez Cafe in Tanjong Katong Rd. The members were most interested in our fund raising event, because Brenden and Ruth had made special effort to start a thread about our going to S.A. More importantly, they literally "Passed the hat around", gathering $400 in cash & wine sales just for us.

The little impromptu handing over ceremony was officiated by Alan, while we all stood gamefully by the roadside for a photo to mark the occasion.

So, many many thanks to the good folk at Moto V. And who ever says bikers are rufty tufty types with Hells Angels inclinations should spend an evening with these people. Moto V is a good ambassador for the public face of motorbiking!

And here's the thread which they've created on their website, specially for us!

Photos from our Nokia N82. The night scene mode really rocks!

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