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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fundraising Tie Up with CornerStone Wines

We’re excited to announce our most recent collaboration with CornerStone Wines as part of our Enduro Africa fundraising.

Info about them can be found at http://www.cornerstonewines.com/

The items we have are :
- Red Wine : Chianti 2006, Tuscany, Italy @ S$24
- Red Grape Sparkling Juice @ S$5.50
- White Grape Sparkling Juice @ S$5.50

The Chianti is a customized blend of Tuscan Sangiovese and eventual addition of Canaiolo grapes. Purplish red, Floral bouquet with notes of mammola. Balance of fruit & soft tannins for easy drinking. Medium bodied claret. Made specially to match Asian cuisines.

CornerStone Sparkling Juices are made & bottled in France, delicious choice for non-alcoholics... no preservatives or sugar added.

Email to rosalind14@gmail.com to purchase now!

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