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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Piaggio X Evo - mega scoot!

I rode the Piaggio X EVO!!!
it's a 400cc scooter, with a single cyclinder engine!
Thus, making it (technically) a thumper!
While thumpers are usually rough in engine vibrations, this thumper is the total opposite.
Smooth power delivery is name of the game, and the bike simply surging away from the lights with generous torque. It is this reliance of torque that allows the engine to operate in a lower rpm range, so regardless of speed, all i could feel is a gentle beat of the thumper keeping me company.
Underseat space is excellent, with enough room for two helmets, while the windscreen and fairings allow for cruising at illegal speeds!
Quite the perfect companion for commuting and trips into Malaysia.

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