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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cycling in Bintan 21-22 June

Our weekend trip with Jerry & Shannon to Bintan for some cycling. This is another part of training for Enduro Africa -- Endurance Training. over 70km on road cycling this weekend!

Early Saturday morning in Tanah Merah ferry terminal...checked in our 4 mountain bikes. We looked fresh as we waited like forever for the ferry to arrive.

About 2 hours later, we unloaded at Tanjong Pinang & met up with the resort representative Tracy, who took our luggage & led us out of the town. We're on our way to our resort some 37km away. Bright sunny afternoon.
A halfway stop where we took a break & refilled our water bottles.
A self-taken photo by Seung while cycling... We managed to ALL get into the picture!
37 km & some hills later.... Our resort at Ocean Bay.
Walking in to our rooms, the setting was really perfect. Surrounded by water, the rooms were on stilts "kelong style" & stretched out to sea. The wind blew freely through the gaps in roof & walls.

Spent the afternoon chatting on the wooden walkway, enjoying the sea breeze & sound of waves. Total relaxation. The sun set onto the horizon in front of us... creating the silhouette of the stilts against the water's reflection.

The evening was spent having a nice seafood dinner, followed by a mini fireworks display by the beach.

The next morning, we woke up to a very low tide. The sea had receded & all the plants beneath were visibly flopped onto the seabed. Looked as though we were in the middle of a plantation!

The early morning serenity broke into a drizzle & then it poured! Rain was dripping through the gaps in the roof & made a little puddle on the floor. Good thing it was only a passing shower.... We went for breakfast & was glad we weren't cycling in the rain.

Jerry & Shannon with their matching brolly :)

After the lazy morning, was lunch! Scrumptious feast of charcoal heated steamboat fish (first time for me!), chilli crabs, honey chicken & hotplate egg/veggies was our last meal here before we get onto our bikes again. All the 3 meals have been super solid... with fresh seafood & fish deliciously prepared. That's enough reason for me to come again!

We started on our journey again.....back to Tg Pinang ferry terminal.

About 17km from the resort, we passed by the durian stalls, which saw the day before. Stopped for energy boost of a durian & some mangosteens. See how happy we were!

Another 13km before we hit the town & traffic was getting heavy. It's a Sunday & all the folks were out & about. One thing we discovered were that the locals like to honk all the time, whether they're passing us or whatever.... Maybe its their way of saying "hello", "hi tourist", "excuse me while I overtake", "nice bike" or "nice butt"!

The city ride was about 7km. We managed to manouver through the crowd and finally got to the terminal. We're an hour ahead of time!

Nice chillout place & highly recommended!! http://www.oceanbaybintan.com/

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