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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunday morning at Tanah Merah

This is my first attempt at doing some off-roading at Tanah Merah (not counting some previous unplanned experiences in Malaysia/Thailand).

The goal was to take a ride with the KTM, which was obviously more suited for the trail. But as luck would have it, the bike died & failed to respond to my kickstarts while I was less than a km away from home. So with not much of a choice, I pushed it back to the carpark & took the Transalp out for the ride instead.
There we were, 2 Transalps heading towards the eastern part of Singapore, & meeting up with Chuah's Africa Twin. All above-200kg elephants headed for the muddy trail. What were we thinking??!!

Once we entered, we chose the safer lines whenever we saw puddles or soft sand. Here I am crossing gingerly on the hardpacked ground.
Slightly further up where Seung & Chuah decided to inspect the road ahead while I waited at the back...
My road tyres, obviously unsuited for the dirt was caked up in no time (especially after the dramatic wheel spin & getting stuck in a hole)
The inevitable happened & my Transalp landed on its side, when the front tyre slipped on a muddy slippery area. Here's the right side with the result of the mud mask....
Seung takes on the little enduro trail with ease, of course...with his mountainbiking skill. Wished I had my mountain bike with me!
It was a nerve racking but overall fun ride. Next time, we've got to bring in lighter weight bikes.

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