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Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Long Ride SS

We met Philip and Mikael two years ago, when a mutual friend introduced us as being long distance biking enthusiasts.  After lots of planning, we finally managed to get two weeks away from Singapore, to join the 1st leg of the Long Ride SS.  (www.longrideSS.com)

Essentially, it is a motorbike event that is aimed at raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research in Asia.  We would ride with them from Penang to Chiangmai.  And here is our story.

21 March - Singapore to Penang
22 March - Pink Bikers parade thru Penang, plus a visit to Mount Miriam Hospital

23 March - Penang to Hatyai

24 March - Hatyai to Chumphon

25 March - Chumphon to Cha'am

26 March - Cha'am to Nakhon Sawan

27 March - Nakhon Sawan to Chiangmai

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