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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chiangmai - Rest and Recover

We rolled into Chiangmai thru the 41 degree heat.  THAT is an experience unlike any other!  High temperature, combined with a low 60% humidity results in the feeling like you are charging head first into a hair dryer. Outdoor. In the full heat of noon day sun. Wearing full riding suit of helmet, jacket, pants and boots  :(
Upon reaching Chiangmai, we found cool rest in Dusit D2.  Initial thoughts about going to bunk over at a friend's house was quickly extinguished by the lovely inviting cool air in the hotel lobby and welcome drink  :)  Here's a little pic of us finally chilling out in the hotel lobby

Then the next days, we spent sending the bikes to have the awful sticky tar to be removed, while Phil & Mike had to attend an official function in Chaingmai hospital to open a new ward.  The rest was much needed as we had just ploughed across Thailand in four tiring days, trying to make the deadline for the official function.
One of the dinners was capped by finding a local Thai restaurant specialising in Northern Thai cuisine :)  The specialty is salad using pork crackling dipped in minced meat sauce!

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