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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Background story for the trip
To join Philip Iau and Mikael Hartman on a long distance ride to raise awareness for Asian Breast Cancer research.  The journey would take them from Singapore to Sweden.  We would join them from Singapore till Chiangmai.....

21 March : Sgp – Penang

We leave Singapore, using the North South Highway to run in the V-Strom 650, while Ros is on the SMT.  Arrived at Millennium Tower, Gurney Drive at 4:30pm and met the guys for dinner.  We were introduced to our travelling companions – Pierce, Soo Lin, Neo Chian and Sunny.  Together with the pair of doctors, our group would be a total of 8 persons.  Among us, a former head of military, a video grapher, a trip scribe cum blogger, two surgeons.  It would be an interesting week ahead

Here is a pic of the support 4x4 that will drive all the way to Sweden.  Affectionately known as Bumblebee, it has been specially kitted out for this expedition with some useful modifications - more of that later!

22 March : Pink Biker Convoy ride
The first of the programme for the doctors, would be a visit to Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital.  On reaching there, we were met by Penang Superbikers who came out for the ride procession to the E&O Hotel.  Penang has been criticised for its jams recently and part of the way, we also got held up by these jams...

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