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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cameron Highlands ride - Aug 2015

It's our first ride with Cherie & Weijie, before the bigger one at the end of this year.

Chose the nice twisties up Cameron Highlands to test her DR650 & sniff out any other mods needed. Here's us....after doing the NS highway, and finally among tea plantations :)

We spend the 2 nights at Snooze 2. A very new, hipster B&B in Brinchang. They have a disused Land Rover as part of the cafe decor too.

Touristy things to do in Camerons?  Strawberry picking. Good that there were lots of them ripe & ready to eat this time. Left the farm with 2 full boxes.

Took a day ride exploring parts of the hill. This path leads to the highest point of Camerons with a radio station. 

It's calming looking at the patchwork patterns of the tea plantation.  Somehow we never get tired of this scenery. Helps that there's cool air, a nice ride up & big variety of delicious food. We'll be back for more....

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