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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kemaman, Makan & Lepak

Let there be light to guide us.

The Best way to travel : two silver bikes. One 900cc twin, the other is a 800cc V4. Which is faster? ha ha ha This is our first time trying to bike & drive. Turns out to be a bit of a logistics mess, where the car will be left behind & the bikes shoot off ahead to mark the turns, etc, etc. Yep, bikes are superior animals on the road. Bikes are like gazelles leaping through the urban jungle, while cars are like hippos. wide and always getting held up!

The trip was going to head Cherating and the small town of Kemaman. The famous Ah Peng Coffee and the classic steamed fish & noodle breakfast.

Part of our small convoy is a red Beetle. Look at the happy owner... walked back to her car after breakfast and then there were two!

nothing fab to report in Cherating, but we went out hunting in the evening for a famed seafood store... If u can find this store at night, you will be rewarded with freshest seafood in all styles known to kampung malays :)

Here is a neat pic of the tree house for rent at Ruby's Resort in Cherating.

Imagine u need to answer the call of nature at night.... how, ah?

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