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Monday, November 29, 2010

Teluk Iskandar 2010

Have you actually thought of Mersing as a destination?

Well, Teluk Iskandar Inn is one of those places that might just change your mind.

We primarily sought out this place because the owners believe in the tropical living concept, with all rooms having excellent natural ventilation. Most peaceful is the simple & spacious garden. Just ideal for lazing underneath the mature mango tree that is 4 storeys tall, the sea breeze from the ocean cools the entire living space.

So this is place totally to chill out, veg out, retreat from the mad urban sprawl that is Singapore!

Modelled after some Aussie style B&B, that place has got 6 guest rooms and totally possible to sit at the Inn's al fresco dining space, just reading a book & helping yourself to unlimited servings of coffee / tea. If the mood strikes you, an assortment of lounging spaces are thoughtfully scattered beneath the guest apartments. This (in effect) creates a basement effect, but is actually breezy and the hammock is the BEST spot for 'leh-pak-ing'.

Up the road is a hawker stall in the classic Malaysian style... the guy set up a satay shop right in front of his house. We had been reliably told that he started off with only 1 table, but now had grown to more than 12 tables! We ordered Chicken satay and it was the most succulent chicken satay ever! just the odd burnt bits on the edges, but otherwise, the chicken chunks were still juicy on the inside. The enterprising owner even included free Wi-Fi connection for his guests!

Malaysia Boleh!


collins said...

I will head to that place too once i get my girl by my side. haha

singaporedream said...

hi there, great to know that u have a blog. i remembered in 1999, i met u in frazer hill. i was riding with uncle billy and friends up there. u were solo with you africa twin taking pictures. i don't think you know who am i.

any more trips coming up?