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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phuket Bike Week and World Peace!

Right then, how it it that Phuket Bike week is full of motorbikers from all walks of life? when the the branding CLEARLY shows a Harley-esque slant, with all manners of skulls & eagle talons?

Dunno how, but the little carnival that was Phuket Bike Week has now blossomed into a three part event. Yup, there are now three organisers & all the events fall into the month of April!

Conveniently, this means that it branches Songkran festival as well :)
So how does this link with world peace? Simple.

Songkran is about "attacking" somebody else with water. Ice water, chalky water, smearing chalk paste onto stranger's cheeks, you name it.... and the rule is, the receiver should not get angry. So imagine being subject to humiliating attacks from strangers and not getting angry. And if that could be a way of life...... would we have world peace?

My solution : No more road rage, no more "one-up-manship", just happy people allowing others to get along their way!

A small chunk of peace that can be found on Phuket all year round is having dinner on Promthep Cape. No pics of the traffic nightmare to get there, but the sunset view and the seats offered by the hilltop restaurant are fantastic!

A new slice of Malaysia... Sepang Gold Coast

Then, on our way back, we stopped by a totally new resort called Golden Palm Tree, off the Sepang Gold Coast. It is 400 units of chalets, built off the coast of Sepang. Combined with time share holidays, it is a Club-Med styled vacation with all inclusive room rates and 5 meals a day :) We were part of a group of people allowed to "test drive" the facilities, so we happily shared our feedback with our hosts! But for sure, we'll make more visits to this part of Malaysia in the future!

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