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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cameron Highlands 16-18 Jan

Yet another trip to Cameron Highlands, this time we stayed at OMF Bungalow. A beautiful colonial bungalow built on a hill slope at Tanah Rata, with none of the commercialism... just peace & quiet.

This bungalow has 9 rooms & a common sitting room & dining room. Meals are provided by Mrs Chye who takes care of the place. The strawberry jam served at breakfast is as fresh as it gets.

Absolute peace, absolute quiet. On the first night, we could even hear the sound of silence!


Jo Ling said...

Dear Ros & Seung,

Could you please furnish me with the booking information for the OMF bungalow in Cameron Highlands.


Rosalind Ng said...


hi! the above link has the contact details...