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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kuantan - Ride to Eat

Happy National Day Singapore!

Our ride to Kuantan, after a 5 month dry spell.... Our ride to Eat.

Food, as we've discovered... there's so much that we've never tried before.
Firstly, there's Ikan Batu, served with mee sup. Both items had a dollop of sambal belachan on top. That's breakfast food.... The same shop serves the usual mini nasi lemak too.

Then there's Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. Well decorated coffeeshop.... see the trike on the wall as decor? :) Serves toasted kaya buns, also fermented rice wrapped in leaves & sweet glutinous rice too. All on the self service table....
The outside of the coffee shop :

Here's our cosy hotel. Very friendly staff & clean rooms. Highly recommended if you're in Kuantan. Easy parking too.

More food..... a shop that only sells otak & related fishy stuff...
It's delicious otak hidden in these triangle shaped leaf pouches, all grilled in a row.
Lastly, the not to be missed stuffed crab. Crab shell stuffed with crab meat + veggies + onions, then covered with egg & deep fried.
Told you it was a food trip.

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