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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Nikoi Nikoi...

sounding like an ancient Koi fish of some sort, Nikoi island is not an ornamental fish, nor is it an island off the coast of Japan. Instead, it is a privately owned island resort with perfect blend of the rough and the refined.

Rough? = sleeping in grass roof huts with no aircon
Refined? = each hut has hand crafted teak furniture & beds with pristine white sheets

Rough? = unvarnished wood decking on forecourt of each hut
Refined? = the granite slabs lovingly hand laid into the straightest walls possible

Rough? = lightly cooked & still crunchy veggies
Refined? = dishes garnished with the freshest herbs from Asia and Europe

Yes, this is the tropical paradise that is Nikoi island!

Ros and i were part of a team fortunate enough to spend three days & two nights on this paradise, helping a select group of Nikoi Island guests have their first taste of rock climbing. For now, we'll let the pics say those proverbial 1000 words.


singaporedream said...

thumbs up for fellow singaporean going for overseas ride and for the sake of charity. is there anything that we could help?

goh mia chun

ERL said...

Would love to chat with you about the climbing on Nikoi. can you email me lacosteemmanuel at yahoo dot com

I live and work in Surabaya. If your travels bring you this way, we have a guestroom for you.