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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More riding

22 Oct - Morgan Bay
Non riding day today at Morgan Bay. Bikes all got serviced with new oil, cleaned up air filter & lubed chains. The group visited a creche & painted their walls, donated mattresses, blankets, colouring books & made a huge swing for the kids! Mid day was a charity soccer match....Prince Harry & William also on the field with the boys. The final score was 6-2 with the local team trashing the tired bikers. Mike Glover from Red Cherry Adventures donated 10,000 Rand per goal.

21 Oct - Mazeppa Bay Hotel to Morgan Bay
only the low road option is offered today, but it was planned to be a short day. so we did a beautiful day in the saddle! Blue skies, scattering on white clouds and a trail that wound it's way from hill crest to valleys with occasional shallow streams to cross.

20 Oct - Hole In The Wall to Mazeppa Bay Hotel
Seung was now nursing some facial scars & a swollen palm. Ros also wanted a easy day as she was having aches in her arms & shoulders. So we both chose the high road option. Turned out to be an excellent choice and we travelled 150km on country tracks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad you seem to be enjoying yourselves. Uncle Harold rang me to say article abt. Ros was in the Biz Times, he will mail hard copy to me.

Seung, take a Panadol for the swelling in your palm, this is one of the effects of paracetamol.


steven said...

WOW!!! did you see the kid....smiling!!!!!WOW!!!a year ago i caught the full 1hours video of the production of "We are the World", remember the song in the 80s....you got to watch it, its truly amazing!!!