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Friday, October 17, 2008

Johannesburg & Durban

17 Oct - Johannesburg to Durban
Made it to the airport on time! Hook up with the rest of Enduro Africa group of guys, turns out we are definitely the only two Asians in the group! we are also in the Orange group and Ros quickly makes friends with three British sisters. All of them are signed up on this ride because their dad is also doing it!

16 Oct
We do a day tour of J'burg, Soweto, Pretoria and take in some sights.

15 Oct
We touchdown in Johannesburg & the hotel that we originally booked is FULL!
So they organised for us to stay at a nearby b&b Thyssen House, run by Johan & Myra...


guy hoh said...

hey seung and ros while your there try some of their millet or sorghum beer it comes in chilled paks rather like magnolia milk... i am addicted to the banana flavoured one... its a little like drinking yoghurt with a low alcohol content.

have a safe ride and tell ros to kiss wils and harry for me and get a pic hahahahaha

steven said...

any pix of the 3 brit sis?amazing izzit?compared to shopping.