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Monday, June 26, 2017

SG - China - Kazakhstan : Part 2

Thailand and dipping into China

We weaved thru mountain roads towards Pai & Doi Angkhang, with Philip picking an Instagram worthy resort called Pai Family House.  

Situated downhill on a lane flanking the Pai river, this resort tempted us to stay an extra night! 

We ALL agree the picture perfect setting by the river was a great place to sit & chill, sit & read, sit & veg, sit & be still. The riverside showed us the serene side of the hippy main street with dreadlocked tourists and banana pancakes.

We rolled onwards to Doi Angkhang on cold, misty mountain roads, stopping over at a home-made ferris wheel for four in a look-out point rest park. 

Our second visit to Doi Angkhang since 2002, all things seemed well-preserved, especially since it holds one of the many Thai royal projects.  

Angkhang Nature Resort still stood proudly on the mountain.  This is an award winning eco-resort, part of the experimental crop station set up by the former Thai king in his way of showing the hill tribes people there is more than just growing opium in the hills.

After Doi Angkhang, it was time for us to part ways with Philip & Yu-Beng.    For local meet ups, one might say “Let’s meet in Changi Village”.  For a China ride, we arranged to meet up in the edge of Thailand 😊.  We were now heading towards Chiangkong, the last Thai town before the Laos border to assemble with the other 12 bikers who were doing the China trip together.

On 4 June, we woke up in Thailand, passed across 200km of Laos soil and slept in China.  That would be 2 border crossings, getting our China driving license & passing our highway code, bikes inspected for road-worthiness + lunch & dinner as well!  

This was just a hint of what was going to become life for the next 26 days.  Eat, Sleep, Ride, rinse clothes & repeat!  

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