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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Camerons Highlands Revisited

Earlier in Feb this year, we made a trip to Camerons Highlands!  Our mode of transport were the trusty GSX1200 and TDM900  :)  We had work to do, so wound up going only on Day 2 of our friend's planned trip.

Camerons is a sentimental place for us, because our earliest rides were to this very same town.  It now reeks of development with a Starbucks Cafe and KFC along the main streets as well.  And so, this kinda takes away the quiet laid back charm of a hill resort.  Add in the prevalent deforestation by the farmers, the daily temperatures have risen ever so slightly.  Nevertheless, if you look had enough, quaint accomodations off the beaten track are always available!

It was just one night in Camerons and then off to P.J. to see our friend Lydia's business of running a halfway house for dogs.  If there is ever an Asian & feminine version of The Dog Whisperer, she is it!

We get to her home, and almost a dozen dogs rush out to greet her!  She proceeded to greet each one of them, a happy pat and a little word of love... The whole process must have taken her 20 mins to greet each dog but it was clear she enjoyed every minute of it and the dogs even more :)  Lucky them.

In between, it was food good laughter among the crew....  Cameron Highlands... 
When will I see you again?

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