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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teluk Iskandar chill out 13-14 March

This is our third stay in Teluk Iskandar Inn.... it's listed very highly on our favourite places to stay in Malaysia. Just outside of Mersing town, its our quiet retreat / getaway / veg out place.... whatever you want to call it.

Just about 2.5 hours ride from S'pore on half highway half countryside roads too. Nice :)

This time we're there with Kin on his CB1000R. We took Zumi & CBR out this trip to enjoy a bit of mileage while the Transalp twins guarded home turf.

Arrived on Friday in time for yummy Malay lunch prepared by Kamariah followed by relak time on the recliners in the porch. I pottered around the sea side to take pics of the tiny sea snails, which were about half the size of my little finger nail. At least 5 varieties of shell patterns found!

Home journey, we did some action photo taking.
Kin's CB1000R
Me on Inazuma
Seung on Inazuma

Zumi, the luggage mule....while unloaded CBR6 takes on CB1000R....

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