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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rompin' at Rompin

A post trip review on our cycle into Endau Rompin, Malaysia on 7-8 Feb.
Our drive up started at 6am on Sat, packing 4 mountain bikes onto Halil's Rav4. Passed customs smoothly, though the M'sian customs officer was pretty amused & wished us luck when we told him of our ride.

Quick lunch stopover & registration later, we were at the start of the 52km off road section leading to the chalet near Kampong Peta. Time to unload the bikes.
1st section was mildly up slope track among the oil palm planation. Some loose soft sand at the sides & the rear wheel slided occasionally to keep us on our toes. Road was dusty, especially at the start since it was a Saturday & trucks were travelling in & out of the plantation for work. 3- 4 uphills later, Sarina & I packed up into the car, taking over the wheel from Seung at the 22km mark. Sarina's front fork was under-pressured, with too much air released by an over-enthused 'unofficial mechanic' ;P

The boys continued the next section, which saw lots more steeper & longer hills, and definitely more potholes. We were glad to be driving, having our stereo & cushy seats!

Halil championing up the hill first... ^

Followed by Seung & Terry.... ^

The much awaited 'brown signboard' to mark the end of the 52km ride!

Reward for making it in.... Deluxe BBQ dinner right outside our chalet.

The morning after, spent at the river 10mins from our chalet.... before we headed out. The boys did a 30 min bike out on their choice section after a mid day snack & we were all ready to head home.

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