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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dainese - Riding Gear for Safety!

It's been a couple of months in the discussion, and finally Peter from JR Pte Ltd had come into the support for Enduro Africa! They have gladly given us Dainese riding apparels for the trip and being bikers, we had a good chat about biking and how to make it a lifelong passion!

Apart from the legendary Dainese safety armour built into the jacket's shoulders and elbows, each jacket also features D-Dry fabric and thermal liners for riding in 15-20 degree weather! (D-Dry keeps you dry while keeping the rain outside!)

Peter owns a limited edition R1 with Ohlins & Marchesini goodies! A FAR cry from the 10 year old CBR600 that we have!!! So now you know WHO'S THE DADDY!

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Roger said...

ks like a cardboard cutout of Peter!! lol