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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sponsor of a KTM 200 EGS

It's strange how sometimes things fall into place when you need help...
As I watched the video of Enduro Africa, I knew that what I needed to do (other than fund raising), was to go out and practise riding off road.

Finding a 2nd hand scrambler to buy, hopefully not burning a hole in my pocket, was another challenge. But having a friend from the off roading circle like botak Daniel has its advantages & through a casual chat, I found that our mutual friend Shireen has a 200cc KTM needing some TLC!

I offered to be bike nanny (oh I wish this can be my next job!) for her bike, & she generously allowed me to use the bike for the next few months!

Just did a servicing last weekend at Ideal Motors, and bike is in great shape to go for some training....

Pictures coming up soon.

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