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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cameron Highlands Ride - 1st March 2008

It was 1st March, a regular weekend, but we decided to ride up Cameron Highlands to enjoy some cool mountain air.
The place Cheong booked was at the Malaysian Nature Society, set in the Boh Tea plantation, in what used to be the plantation workers quarters.

Beautiful setting & a nice ride up.

The last 500m to the accomodation was a little daunting, with just 2 gravel tracks made by 4 wheelers. Slippery grass in the middle was something to avoid, as some of the bikers found out, the hard way.

Private driveway parking for us all, with the residence at the hill top.

The long corridor in front of our rooms proved to be a great gathering place in between meals to exchange ride & life stories.

Rooms were clean & spacious, with a granny's house feel. Walls were thin so good luck to you if your neighbours were loud snorers!

Interesting bright yellow toilet & shower room. Glad that the water heater worked...

The mist came in, as evening approached. Nice dreamy look it gave to the solitary tree.

Dinner time, warming up next to the steam boat. Simple meal but it was the company (and hot soup) that mattered.

Our morning greeters- these two were galloping up and down the corridor all night. Yet in the morning they're still full of energy. Waiting to check out each open room door ... will there be breakfast brought out??

One group shot before we head down the hill...

That's me, trying very hard to avoid the grass patches, made even more slippery from the rain. I love my Transalp! :)

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